5 Features to Look For in a Movie Streaming Platform

A streaming platform must fit the user’s needs and expectations. A bad experience can cost a customer purchase. Seventy percent of customers abandon a purchase after a poor experience. Moreover, people do not have the time to figure out complex interfaces. Instead, they’ll choose a solution that is more intuitive and convenient.

User-Friendly Interface

Streaming platforms must offer a user-friendly interface to attract potential customers and easily find where shows and movies are streaming. It’s been found that 70 percent of customers abandon a purchase due to poor user experience. Most people don’t want to spend time navigating a complex interface; they want easy access to the content they’re after.

User-friendly interfaces are important to keep in mind when evaluating a movie streaming service. Features that should be considered include menus, calls to action, quality of display, resolution, and volume of the sound player. Users should be able to easily navigate through a platform’s menus, search features, and other essential features.

Content Management System

A good movie streaming platform should have a content management system (CMS). A CMS organizes content and makes navigation easy for viewers. It helps users build personalized libraries and find their favorite content quickly. It should also allow users to rate and comment on videos and set general settings for their viewer accounts.

CMS platforms should also support video monetization. Some of them can deliver videos in various formats optimized for playback, ensuring smooth playback. If you need to use video monetization features in the future, a content management system with a monetization feature will be the best option.

Offline Mode

Offline mode is an important feature of movie streaming platforms, especially for those who aren’t always near an Internet connection. It is useful in several situations, including traveling. Although it would be nice to have unlimited Wi-Fi access in every corner of the world, this isn’t always the case. Connection drops and slowdowns are common, and offline mode can make a difference when you’re on the go.

One of the best examples of a movie streaming platform’s offline feature is Netflix. The service did not offer offline viewing capabilities in the past but has gradually added this feature to more of its content. You should be able to watch any of your favorite movies offline if you subscribe to Netflix.

Accessible From a Variety of Devices

There are many ways to make information accessible to people with different disabilities. One option is to use assistive technology. Using AT-compatible software, for example, makes it possible for people with vision impairments to apply for jobs online. Similarly, an accessible multimedia product includes synchronized text captions for visual content and an audio description of spoken information. It also allows users to choose different ways to respond to prompts and input commands.

Despite these benefits, the current state of digital accessibility is not an easy one. The interaction between public policies, technological advances, and market forces is constantly changing. This makes it difficult to choose the best option for everyone. Fortunately, many tools and resources are available to help developers make software accessible.

Personal Recommendations

Streaming platforms are beginning to offer more options for personalized recommendations. Netflix is among the most popular examples. However, some critics are worried that such services are devaluing the art of film.

Nowadays, consumers expect brands to know their preferences and make their experience as personalized as possible. This is one of the reasons why most global brands are focusing on personalization as a way to drive user engagement. With the growing popularity of streaming platforms, consumers can get unlimited access to content for a low subscription fee.

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