Proving Emotional Pain and Sufferings -Four Important Tips!

After a pedestrian accident, victims incur more than just physical injuries. The accident can be emotionally disturbing for the victims and can affect the quality of their life. Furthermore, emotional pain and suffering can disturb the daily routine, work-life, personal life, and other aspects of life. 

Fortunately, you are eligible to seek financial compensation for your emotional pain and sufferings from the accident. However, calculating and proving emotional pain and suffering is one of the most complex parts of the claim. It is never easy to calculate a victim’s pain and suffering financially. One of the best ways is to speak to Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers and let them assist you in calculating your pain and suffering. 

Here are a few pieces of evidence you can use to prove your pain and suffering. 

  • Medical records. 

Medical records are crucial in proving your emotional pain and suffering. Your medical records include ongoing treatment from your psychologist, counselor, psychiatrist, therapist, etc. Note that you should never sign the medical authorization form that the insurance company provides. If you do so, the insurance company will hold the right to access your medical records, which it can use to its advantage.

  • Personal diary or journal. 

Maintaining a personal diary and journal with a date will be crucial to proving your emotional pain and suffering. Some of the vital information the journal could include: 

  • Pain levels each day. 
  • How do you feel emotionally due to your accident or your injuries? 
  • Daily activities that you were unable to perform due to your injuries. 
  • How is the accident making you feel emotionally?
  • Negative effects on your health, sleep, daily routines, and more. 
  • Adverse effects on your emotional well-being are causing to your relationships. 
  • Activities you missed due to your injuries, including games, parties, events, etc. 
  • Family and friends’ testimony. 

Your family and friends must have seen you go through your worst time. Your family and friends can testify on your behalf who saw you emotionally struggle with your daily activities. A lawyer can take their testimony and provide it to the insurance company as evidence to get compensation. 

  • Prescription records. 

If you consult a psychiatrist or psychologist, they will give you prescriptions if your symptoms make your day-to-day life difficult. These prescriptions can make your life easier. Therefore, these prescription records can serve as vital evidence to prove you were undoing treatment for your emotional distress. 

It is better to consult a lawyer who can help prove your emotional pain and suffering and guide you in calculating the damages. 

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