Bad Habits To Avoid If You Wear Dentures

If you are considering tooth replacement, dentures are a highly effective solution. Though you might experience initial discomfort, it gradually diminishes over time. Typically, your mouth adapts to the dentures within one to two weeks. Many people, typically first-time users, take their dentures for granted and do not maintain their upkeep. This is a huge mistake. 

Failing to maintain your dentures may result in quick deterioration, loss, or the development of oral problems. This will then lead to more hassles and additional dental expenses. To make sure your improved smile lasts for a long time, you must break certain bad habits. Visit your family dentist in Plainville, MA today. 

Bad habits to avoid if you wear dentures 

  • Not wearing your dentures. 

Dentures can cause sores and discomfort inside the mouth. So, taking them out and giving your mouth a break every now and then is fine. However, you should not go without wearing your dentures for hours on end. Your dental health investment is valuable, so maximize its benefits. Adjusting to new dentures might take a bit of time, but the benefits are worth it. Wearing them consistently can help speed up the process. It is recommended to take them when you sleep and keep them soaked in a cup of water. 

  • Not cleaning your dentures regularly. 

Another bad habit to avoid is not cleaning your dentures every day. Placing dentures in a glass of water is a common cleaning practice, but it falls short. Similar to the daily brushing routine, cleaning your dentures is equally important and should not be overlooked. Not cleaning them regularly can accumulate bacteria and cause hygiene issues. This is one of the reasons for bad breath. 

  • Not visiting your dentist annually or bi-annually. 

If you have dentures, you should visit the dentist at least once or twice a year. This is important for everyone, even people without dentures. However, it becomes more crucial for people with ongoing treatment. The dental appointments allow your dentist to take a look at your gums and ensure they are healthy. If problems are found, you can take measures before they progress. 

  • Leaving your dentures in when you sleep. 

You should never sleep wearing your dentures. Your mouth produces less saliva when you sleep, creating the perfect environment for bacterial growth. Your dentures also put pressure on your gums overnight, resulting in sores. Put your dentures in a glass of water overnight. This helps them retain their shape and is more pleasant to wear during the day.

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