The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Mouthguard 

The mouth guard is a device used to protect the teeth in teeth grinding and sleep apnoea cases. They can also protect the mouth in case of sport-related injury. 

Still confused about the mouthguards? Don’t worry. Below, a piece of information about the mouthguards is given. If you are searching for reliable services that can help you find the best-fit mouth guards in AZ, then options such as a dentist in Uptown Phoenix, AZ, can provide the required help. 

What is a mouthguard? 

The dental appliances designed to cover the teeth for their protection and to get rid of conditions like sleep apnoea and bruxism are known as mouth guards. They can be of different shapes and sizes depending on the requirements of the patients. Children and adults both can benefit from the mouth guards.

The mouthguards can be commercially available or custom-made. Most patients prefer custom-made mouthguards that dental health experts prescribe. 

Functions of a mouth guard

A dentist will recommend mouth in certain specific cases only. The functions of a mouthguard are as follows: 

  • Mouthguards generally advise patients with TMJ disorders. 
  • In case of sleep apnea, a mouth guard is advised. 
  • Individuals performing activities like ice skating, biking, and gymnastics.
  • Individuals play sports like hockey, basketball, football, and boxing. 
  • Grinding or clenching of teeth. 

Types of mouthguards 

There are three main different types of mouthguards. They are as follows: 

  • Mouthguards for sports: 

This type of mouth guard protects the teeth from sport-related injuries like hockey, basketball, and football. They can protect from injuries like avulsion, broken or chipped teeth, etc. 

  • Mouth guard for bruxism: 

This type of mouth guard protects the teeth from grinding and clenching. It can also reduce the effects of TMJ disorders. Many dentists confirm that patients generally clench or grind their teeth at night. Hence, the mouth guards are generally prescribed at night only. 

  • Sleep apnoea guards: 

People suffering from snoring or obstructive sleep apnea can benefit from sleep apnea guards. This appliance can reposition one’s jaw to securely open the jaws during sleep. Hence, it can be prescribed only by a dentist.

To sum it up!

A mouth guard is an appliance for protection and eliminating conditions like bruxism. If you know someone who requires treatment or you need help, then ask for help today. Remember that you should never use mouthguards alone; you should only use them on the dentist’s advice. 

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