Giving Your Office A Thorough Spring Cleaning

As with any building, your office will require a thorough spring cleaning at least once a year, even if you have a cleaner every day in the office. The dirt and dust can build up, especially if your office has lots of electrical equipment which attracts dust. You will want to plan a thorough cleaning of your office to help remove all the dirt and grime and make it a much more comfortable environment for working. Below are some tips to help you get started and plan your office clean to ensure it is spotless and a comfortable working environment.

Decide Who Will Clean

You may be able to afford to employ a company to come in and give your office a thorough cleaning, or you may wish to do it yourself. You may decide to offer your employees overtime and have them come into clean the office with you on the weekend when you are not usually open. Once you have decided who is going to clean the office and when, you will need to think about cleaning your electrical items, and for this, you will need some experts.

Cleaning The Electrical Items

You will need to get your IT department to do some tasks, such as cleaning all the electrical equipment, including computers. They will want to go through and give the keyboards a thorough cleaning, remove the cover of the computers, and use some electrical cleaner to remove the dust from inside. It may be worth having your IT department do this job before you start cleaning the area, as they will be using compressed air that can spread dust about your office, making it dirty.

Starting To Clean The Office

Once all the electrical items have been cleaned and ready to start on the rest of the office, you will need to begin up high. Begin by cleaning the ceilings and walls and removing any dust or cobwebs you find, because if you start with the floors, they may get dirty again when you clean up high. Once you have done everything up high, you will want to concentrate on the furniture and ensure all the tables, chairs, and desks are clean. If possible, you may want to move the clean furniture and stack it somewhere out of the way, making cleaning the floor a much simpler task.

Cleaning The Office Floors

If you have carpet in your office, you may want to invest and hire a professional carpet cleaner for when you are cleaning. You will want to use a regular vacuum cleaner and dustpan and brush to clean as much as you can, and then use the carpet cleaner to wash and shampoo the carpet, helping to get rid of any stains. However, if you have wooden or tiled floors, it is a much simpler task, and all you will need to do is clean them for dust and debris and then use an effective floor cleaner to clean and sanitise your floors.

Once you have got your floors clean, you can then put all the furniture and everything else back where it belongs. You will have a spotless office that will make for a much more comfortable working environment, especially if you have allergies.

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