Practical Tips to Reduce Exposure to Asbestos

Asbestos is a fibrous material that we’ve all been exposed to. It’s found in minute amounts in the ambient air and drinking water, but those low levels don’t pose any risk. Certain man-made asbestos materials, on the other hand, have the potential to discharge lethal levels of asbestos fibres.

The most dangerous asbestos materials are brittle. This refers to something that is easily crumbled. Asbestos fibres are more easily discharged when the substance becomes friable. Asbestos materials can become friable over time due to wear and tear, while some, such as loose-fill insulation, are intrinsically friable. Much of the advice given here is on being aware of highly friable asbestos materials.

Avoid Handling Loose Insulation

Any type of insulation should be addressed and handled with caution. Because some types of insulation contain hazardous materials, it’s best to presume that any insulation you come across will be troublesome.

The deadliest type of asbestos insulation is loose asbestos insulation, which is also one of the most harmful types of asbestos materials. As this highly friable product deteriorates with age, the risk of asbestos fibre exposure increases if it is disturbed. Loose asbestos insulation is more common in structures built before 1980.

If you come across a material that looks like loose asbestos insulation, don’t touch it. Contact a professional Perth asbestos removal firm. This is an asbestos product that you should avoid abating on your own.

Be Careful of Pipe Wrappings

Leading up to the 1980s, asbestos was used in pipe wrapping to confine heat and guard against fire damage. Pipe wrapping is prone to becoming friable as it ages due to its flexible form. This material is more likely to be damaged near piping bends, where the wrapping must stretch to form around the pipe.

Asbestos pipe wrapping may be found in older commercial and public structures. Fortunately, few people work in places where such pipe wrapping is present.

Asbestos pipe wrapping can be discovered in basements and around plumbing in older homes. Regardless of how tempting it may appear to meddle with frayed material, teaching children and adults not to touch pipes at school or elsewhere is critical.

Clean Carefully

This is particularly useful if you live inside an older home. Not cleaning properly can increase your risk of asbestos exposure. Rather than using a dry dusting cloth, use a damp cloth instead. The damp cloth will trap the dust particles rather than release some back into the air. When vacuuming, use a vacuum equipped with a HEPA filter. Any area rugs can be run through the washing machine on a routine basis.

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