The Greatest Australian 11 players of all times

There are fun lists on which is the set of greatest Australian players of all times. A sense of debate exists over the same. None of us will agree, as each one of us will have contrasting memories or opinions that have gone on to shape the game. In every Australia next match, there is bound to be a champion of their own who has gone on to formulate unremarkable achievements in the game. Australia has gone on to produce some outstanding players who have been true champions in their own rights. The task of selecting some of the greatest Australian players is not an easy one, and it would have its own share of controversies. Below are a few players who have gone on to have a telling impact when it comes to the cricket of Australia

Mathew Hayden

The choice of this opener, who has gone on to grace the game, turns out to be a straightforward one. In the rich history of Australian cricket, he is one name that you cannot ignore by any means. During the golden generation of the Australian team, he installed a lot of fear in the minds of the opponents. His noteworthy stature and outstanding stroke made him one of the most admired cricket players.

He went on to treat the opponent players with the least respect and his heave over midwicket did emerge as one of the outstanding shots in test cricket. Hardly a few of us can forget his great inning of 380 runs against Zimbabwe in Perth or his record-breaking 203 runs against India in Chennai. As far as the openers are concerned, hardly a few of us have rallied around the world with such outstanding skills. It would be fair to say that he has gone on to give batting a new meaning with his amazing batting skills.

Victor Trumper

Hardly a few of us would have heard his name, but he was, in fact, the finest Australian batsman of his generation. Not only was he a popular player, but he was feared in the cricketing world. One of his abilities was to dominate the bowling attack on any type of surface with a unique blend of force and grace that was irresistible.

If you consider the standard of pitches that existed at that point in time, his record is truly impeccable. The innings that come to mind are the 211 runs against Australia. It would be fair to say that he is a pioneer of the attacking game of cricket that was a part of the gentle sporting environment.

Sir Donald Bradman

No list would be complete without the mention of Sir Donald Bradman, who is one of the most iconic players that the world has seen. People have gone on to state that he is one of the greatest cricket players that the world has ever seen. In the sporting history of Australia, his average of 99.94 stands without comparison. The superlatives to capture the achievements of the great player hardly does exist. It would be fair to say that his influence extended way beyond the game of cricket.

Not only he was a hero but a shining light in the domain of Australian cricket. He went on to score 10 double hundreds, and out of that, two were triple hundreds. No cricketer has ever come close to these achievements, and only a few of them would do that.

Ricky Ponting

One of the most successful Australian cricket captains of all time, he was a worthy player in his own way. Among the greatest batsmen in Test cricket, he is right up there. He has gone on to score 41 test hundreds and has been in charge of the batting of the country since the start of this century. All of us would remember the balance at his crease and his aura and charm when he went on to crisp the ball through the covers.

Not only he was a fighter and his fielding skills were impeccable. Apart from that, his dogged determination and versatile skills went on to make him the greatest player that the country of Australia has seen.

Greg Chappell

It would be a surprise that he has managed to leave behind Allan Border and Steve Waugh when it comes to the non-five spot. His upright stance and unique style were outstanding and when he was handed the captaincy debut, he went on to score 2 centuries in the same match that has still not been matched to date. Where Chappell leaves behind the other players is his ability to destroy bowling attacks on his own. It is fair to say that he was a class above the others when it came to the game of cricket.

Keith Miller

He is one of the greatest all-rounders the country of Australia has ever seen. Such were the skills that he would walk into any Australian cricket team. Though he was a handy middle order bowler, his real class did emerge due to his opening bowling skills, and with the same apparent motion, he could go on to deliver a bouncer as well as leg spin. He had the unique ability to turn the match on its head, and he is considered one of the first players in the game of cricket to enter popular culture.

Adam Gilchrist

One of the greatest wicket keeper batsman who changed the landscape where people used to perceive the wicket keepers. Ever since he was made the opener, there has been no turning back for this player. After he walked into the test arena in 1999, he did become a handy force to reckon with, and his flamboyant style was a treat to the naked eye. One of his unique abilities was to take the game away from the opposition in a matter of a few overs. The best part was that he employed the same attacking approach in all cases.

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