5 Reasons To Choose VPS Hosting For Your Business

Virtual Private Server or VPS Hosting offers a Dedicated Server-like hosting environment allowing resource-intensive websites to run efficiently. With account isolation, dedicated resources, and complete root access, a VPS Server functions as a Dedicated Server with fewer resources and affordable costs. It is a perfect step-up from a Shared Hosting service and a cheaper alternative to a Dedicated Server Hosting plan.

Today, we will share five reasons why you should choose VPS Hosting for your business.

1. Scalability

In today’s times, a website can gain popularity and receive exponentially high site traffic overnight! Hence, as a site owner, you need to be prepared to handle such increased traffic efficiently. While buying and hoarding resources can be costly, a scalable hosting service is ideal under such circumstances. With VPS Hosting, you can start with fewer resources and scale them up as your business grows. Ensure that you talk to the host to understand any scaling limitations before you buy VPS for your website.

2. Complete Control

In VPS Hosting, your virtual server is isolated from the others. Also, most providers offer complete root access or administrative rights allowing you to make any changes to the VPS Server, including changing configurations, installing or modifying any software or applications, and customizing the hosting environment to your liking. This gives you complete control over the hosting server (the VPS) and helps you create a customized site experience for your visitors. If you are not technically skilled to make these changes, you can hire the services of a professional or opt for Managed VPS services where the host takes care of the technicalities for you.

3. Reliability

A site that is frequently down, suffers a loss in business and a dent in brand reputation, along with a drop in the SEO rank. With a VPS Hosting Server, since the resources are dedicated to your site, you won’t have to worry about slow loading times due to the unavailability of resources. Also, with most web hosting service providers offering instant resource scalability, you can be assured that your site offers uninterrupted services at all times. It is considered more reliable than most traditional hosting services.

4. Security

Despite multiple websites sharing the same web server, VPS Hosting is highly secure since each website is stored on a virtual server that is isolated from the others. Also, with complete root access, you can install any third-party security tools or applications and implement advanced measures to secure your VPS Server against various online threats. A unique IP address for each VPS Server further adds to the security of your website.

5. Cost-effectiveness

A VPS Hosting plan is costlier than a Shared Hosting plan but much cheaper than a Dedicated Server. In India, a VPS Hosting plan can cost you Rs 700 per month and above. If you look at the benefits offered by these plans like scalability, top-notch security, high reliability, complete control, etc., it is easy to deduce that these plans are highly cost-effective.

Summing Up

If you are planning to launch a business website, then you need to ensure that your site has maximum uptimes, loads fast, is highly secure, and offers a memorable site experience. With VPS Hosting, you get the perfect platform to create a hosting environment based on the needs of your site and create a site that helps your business grow. Good Luck!

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