Commercial Sewing Cleaning Products

The best commercial sewing cleaning products quickly remove grease and other build-ups from hard-to-reach areas. You will want to find products that are cost-effective, reduce machines downtown, and keep the workplace safe for employees that oversee the machinery.

Commercial cleaning manufacturers will advertise that their products are the best products. However, you will want to search for products with specific compounds to best sanitise and clean surfaces, machinery, and floors. Some cleaning products can cause harm to commercial surfaces like concrete flooring. Here are the top 4 ingredients you should look for in any commercial cleaning product.


Alcohol remains one of the best cleaning solutions. A 70% ethanol or isopropanol solution is typically what is used in commercial cleaning products. Alcohol kills 99.9% of bacteria. It is an excellent solution to sanitise surfaces and common areas like bathrooms. Alcohol-based solutions must be applied to a surface and left in contact with the surface for at least a minute to be most effective.

Purging Compound

A purging compound is often used to clean nozzles, mould, hot runners, or screws. A thermoplastic purging compound is a crucial cleaning compound for the commercial sewing industry. They are designed to reduce machine downtowns, scrap rates, and colour changes. It is the best alternative to purging with virgin resin.

Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is an extremely strong and fast-acting agent. When you are shopping for excellent commercial products, you should search for CIO2 or chlorine dioxide. It is an excellent disinfecting agent and oxidiser. The only downside of chlorine dioxide is it has a short shelf-life. It can be ordered in a stabilised form and activated when needed. It is affordable. Because it needs to be activated, it does require more hands-on use.

pH Neutral Cleaners

A pH-neutral cleaner is the best product to use on concrete flooring. Many commercial manufacturing buildings have concrete floorings because they are cost-efficient. Concrete floors are extremely durable to hard falls and can withstand high traffic. A pH-neutral cleaner will disinfect and work to remove dirt, grime, and other build-ups from concrete floors.

You will want to thoroughly clean the floor before applying a sealer or coating. If you do have an epoxy covering or other decorative sealants, you will want to ask the contractor what is the best product to not cause any harm to the compounds in the sealant. You should always avoid acid-based cleaners for concrete flooring like ammonia.



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