Let the Right Company Provide You the Methyl Ester Product You Need

Many products on the market today contain biodiesel fuel, or B100, and the reason it’s so popular is because it is a clean-burning renewable fuel that comes from natural plant oils, including soybean and palm oils. And the average person may be surprised by which products contain B100.

If you are a manufacturer and you need this ingredient to manufacture a certain product, just know that the companies that make this item are there to help make sure that you get just what you need so that your product comes out perfect in the end.

Renewable Is Always Best

Many companies are trying to be more environmentally responsible, so when you need B100, or methyl ester as it is also called, you shouldn’t have any problems finding it. For most companies that offer this type of ester, it is derived from vegetable oils and has many uses, including not just biofuel but also numerous metal-working fluids, lubricants, oiling agents for textiles, and even solvents for personal care products.

Methyl esters can also come in different types, including methyl caproate, which is used as a perfuming agent or skin conditioner; methyl laurate, which is used as an additive in inks and paints and as a rubber processing agent; methyl caprylate, which can be used as a lubricant in paints and a food emulsifier; and methyl palmitate-stearate, an ingredient in soap making, crop oil, and more.

Steering You in the Right Direction

Regardless of what industry you’re in, if you need methyl esters of any type, the companies that offer them are there to help. They can help you decide which one is right for you and can lend you the advice and assistance you need to make sure your product turns out to be a high-quality, effective product that accommodates the end consumers. Most of these companies are also international companies and therefore they can ship their products to any company, anywhere in the world.

These companies also provide numerous other products for all types of manufacturers in dozens of industries, and they can even personalise their products so that you can get what you need even if you need something a little unique.

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