Technology Being an Extension in our Humanity

We who reside in (relatively) civilized and civilized world would be unable to survive with no basics of flowing water and electricity. Devices, gadgets, and machines of all kinds surround us, enabling us to complete the fundamental tasks define our daily existence. The mere fact that you’re studying which means you are partaking of one of the numerous electronic tools that people depend so heavily on.

Man’s capacity to invent and employ tools has allowed him to increase above all of those other biosphere. If we are proven the term “technology,” we’re frequently considering electricity-powered computers and so on, however in truth, even humble stick of wood, at the disposal of a creature deploying it for something which augments its natural abilities, is technology. Even our less-intelligent animal cousins can handle utilizing tools, however the heights we’ve taken the tool-using paradigm exceed all their breakthroughs come up with. We’re the best tool users of the planet.

Let us return to more contemporary occasions. There will always be individuals who decried using advanced technologies (advanced when compared with their degree of tech use, anyway), such as the Amish who deem using electricity like a distraction using their concentrate on living a existence immersed within their belief, or individuals who stick to the tenets of Christian Science that won’t partake of contemporary medicine. They still use more rudimentary types of technology that centuries back, were considered technological breakthroughs (plus they were most likely considered heretical in those days).

These detractors of technology frequently see these new methods for doing things like a departure from tradition, as well as an unnecessary reliance upon something that isn’t connected with nature or their selected supreme being/presence/spirit/etc. At the chance of being branded by my readers like a Luddite, I really accept the anti-technology camp to some extent.

We’re frequently responsible for mistreating modern conveniences to begin carrying out a half-baked or aimless job. Most technologies aren’t without its toll, either. Any time you drive your vehicle to visit somewhere rather of just walking (I have known many people opting they are driving to some destination only twenty meters from their house), you’re burning non-renewable non-renewable fuels and therefore are making the environment we breathe somewhat dirtier.

The perfect look at technology is it should really enable us to complete more, and get it done better. We develop these breakthroughs to resolve existing problems, and hopefully not create brand new ones. Technology should benefit more and more people and harm less, and that is not what we should see within our world today.

This can be a twofold message that I wish to pass onto the remainder of humanity. I am certain many before me have experienced these sentiments, but we are a persistent species, so I am doing my part by reiterating it once again. We, because the most technologically advanced species in the world, must make an effort to create technologies which will augment the strengths in our humanity, so when these items of science are inside our grasp, we ought to do our very best for their services responsibly. For the reason that, I disagree with individuals who shun technology. They are tools, and therefore are only as harmful or as advantageous as individuals who wield them. Let’s begin using these implements for that good of individual and also the planet, and never as devices in our self-destruction.

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