How Casino Bonuses Work And How To Redeem Them?

The bonuses offered in casinos are usually the best advertising by many online platforms that offer casino games. And there is no better way to attract new customers and players than by offering a bonus that can exponentially improve the player experience.

The allure behind an online casino bonus is that it allows the player to access more than their budget or skills allow. If you want to know more about online casino bonuses, pay attention to all the information we offer you in this guide.

Features to Recognize the Best Online Casino Bonus

The offer of free casino bonuses, without deposit or with a deposit, exist in the same proportion as the number of online casinos, that is, there are loads of them. For this reason, it is imperative to establish a series of criteria to help you find the best bonuses, for example, TrueBlue casino bonuses. Play in an online casino that offers you bonuses and promotions with the following characteristics:


This factor is the first thing to look for when you find a casino welcome bonus that catches your eye. Because it is likely that you will fall into the trap of many online casinos that offer bonuses for high amounts, but when they are claimed, they have unrealistic conditions and requirements.

To avoid that, you will need to pay attention to the wagering requirements. If an online casino bonus asks you to access the amount they offer you, or the winnings obtained with the bonus, betting conditions that exceed 50 times, then that bonus is not the best.

If you want to activate and release the bonus obtained quickly in order to enjoy it, you must opt ​​for a bonus with wagering requirements of 25 times the amount of the bonus.

Contribution by Game

The wagering requirements of each bonus have a different contribution depending on the game where you use it. This means that if you need to bet 25 times a welcome bonus to release it, you will need to do it in a game like slot machines because due to its high level of risk in betting, the contribution is 100%, that is, you will have to spin reels 25 times and you will get the bonus.

The same is not the case with other casino games such as roulette, blackjack and other games that offer a contribution which can reach a maximum of 25%. This means that you will have to bet many times the value of the bonus or your first deposit to access the benefits. The good thing is that the contributions vary by online casino, so you can find options where you can easily play blackjack to clear the bonus if the contribution is 50%. That is very different from other online casinos that offer a 10% contribution for this type of game.

Voucher Validity Time

Any casino bonuses that you find online will have a certain validity time, which after expiring, causes the bonus to be cancelled. Evaluating the different validity times of a voucher that interests you will help you to establish whether the conditions requested to release the voucher can be met within that period of time.

In general, most online casinos offer a bonus validity period of more than 30 days. In that period, it is likely to meet the requirements and contributions requested. It is also true that there are online casinos with impossible terms for extremely attractive bonuses. Considering this factor will help you to know if, despite having a voucher valid for 15 days, you can afford to meet the requirements and required contributions.

Bonus Amount


Bonuses are, in essence, the main marketing tool that online casinos have, so you will find many offers that reach really high amounts, but with which you must take care of the requirements they demand. One of the main characteristics of the most popular bonus amounts is that they offer a percentage based on your first deposit and that the payment methods suit you.

Most casino promotions usually offer 100% of what you deposit, that is, if you deposit $100, you will receive another $100 from the casino. You can also find yourself with online casino welcome package bonuses that can offer from 25% to 300% of your first deposits.

These types of bonus packages can be attractive, but you should keep in mind that they are offered for separate deposits. So, if you find a 100% deposit, you may have to make 4 deposits and receive 25% of each from them; that means that for each one you will have requirements and contributions to fulfil.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The deposit and withdrawal facilities offered by online casinos for their bonuses also determine whether their promotions are among the best on the market or not.

You have probably already come across several online casinos that offer their welcome bonuses only to people who use an established deposit method, and if you don’t have it, you just don’t get the service.

There are also platforms that allow you to easily deposit to obtain the bonus, but then when you withdraw they do not let you, but make you bet the amount of the bonus and any earnings you make with it.

In general, the deposit methods that suffer the most from marginalization by online casinos are digital wallets. But not everything is bad news, there are casino bonuses that you can access easily and quickly without having to worry about deposit and withdrawal methods.

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